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The Conical Pendulum Clock

21 feet high x 6 feet x 6 feet

The clock is powered by weights hanging from a flexible belt which wraps around a verticle bicycle wheel.
A red arrow mounted onto the wheel acts as the minute hand. A series of gears and wheels connect the verticle
wheel to the final drive gear. A fishing rod mounted onto the final drive gear taps the pendulum bob,
propeling the pendulum.

The wire and plumb bob, which hang from the ceiling, make up the pendulum of this unusual clock.
This pendulum navigates a circle around the clockwork mechanism in the same amount of time that an ordinary
swinging pendulum of the same length would take to swing back and forth. Governed by the length of the
pendulum, each circle takes precisely five seconds.

The pendulum restricts the movement of the weight-driven drive train which propels the yellow fishing rod.
The rod pushes along the pendulum and tracks the number of five second revolutions.

Thus, this clock uses weights and a series of gears to propel an accurately oscillating body (the pendulum)
and to record the number of oscillations and convert this calculation to uur standard units of time measurement.

An electric motor rewinds the weight every 8 minutes.

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