Double Helix
40 inches high x 40 inches wide x 24 inched deep

Two small stepper motors drive two copper helixes.  The spiral appendages face each other 
to engage in a mysterious electromechanical dance.

The precision motors are electronically synchronized so that their copper spirals rotate together in unison.  
Occasionally the spirals softly touch.  Whenever the two helixes touch the motors reverse direction,
and the dance goes on.

Double Helix has been exhibited at:
    2009   Parque de las Ciencias, Granada, Spain.
    2008    phaeno Museum, Wolfsburg, Germany.
    1999    Science Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN.
    1996    Inventure Place, Akron, OH.
    1994    The Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA.

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