11 feet x 17 ft. x 11 ft.


"Sky Reaper...with three large electrically driven paddle-wheel-like structures rotating perpetually so that their frameworks repeatedly intermesh without ever touching.... is suspended from the ceiling and is made primarily of wood and metal."  Tom Patterson,  Winston-Salem Journal,   January 19, 1992  Page C3.

"... a seemingly giant familiar object, looks like a beautiful egg beater suspended from above. As each element of the work turns in match step, casting mysterious interweaving shadows on those watching from below." Sheri Graves,  Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

"...open planes of wooden slats, rather like the waterwheel paddles of a riverboat revolve past each other at a stately pace." Jeffrey Wechsler,  Catalog for Rutgers Exhibition.

A large wood and aluminum hanging piece in which a single electric motor powers three gear like elements which inter-mesh continuously. Because of its scale, Sky Reaper's presence is felt throughout the exhibition area.

Sky Reaper has been Exhibited at:
1974   OK Harris Gallery, NYC, NY
1978   Rutgers University Gallery, New Brunswick, NJ.C
1978   Wake Forest University Gallery, Winston-Salem, NC
1984   PS-1, Queens, NY
1991   Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, Winston-Salem.
1993   Technorama, Winterthur,  Switzerland.
1994   The Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA
1996   Inventure Place, Akron, OH.
1999   Scinece Museum of Minnesota, St. Paul, MN

Sky Reaper Slideshow

Alchemy Slideshow

         Blueprint for Sky Reaper 1974
         21 inches x 35 inches
         Reverse Ozalid Print - Edition of 50.