There Will Be Time
18 inches x 9 inches x 12 inches

A coffee can, plumber's metal, a string, and various hardware become a working escapement in this whimsical artwork.

There Will Be Time was the first of Norman Tuck's experiments with clockwork mechanisms. It is an example of a basic clockwork escapement mechanism (Verge and Foliot escapement).

The small falling weight powers the coffee can via the string. The teeth on the coffee can swing the weighted metal strap back and forth; the reciprocating motion of the strap is like a pendulum. The nuts and screws on the upper strap increase the length of time required to swing back and forth.

A familiar verse from Ecclesiastes, beginning with "There Will be Time," is typed on a small piece of paper within the can.

There Will Be Time is currently in the collection of Joe and Karyn Ansel.

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