Your Turn Counts
36 inches x 18 inches x 24 inches

Commissioned by the Exploratorium for the April 2013 opening of their new building on the Embarcadero.

Your Turn Counts records the number of times visitors turn a crank. It then shows the total number of turns on a display device in which each digit represents a particular period in the history of technology:

The 1’s digits are engraved into wooden dial.
The 10’s digits are drilled into a drum made from welded steel.
The 100’s digits are painted onto falling metal plates taken from a manual cash register.
The 1,000’s digits are on a counter taken from an electric pinball machine.
The 10’000’s digits glow within a “nixie tube,” which utilized vacuum tube technology.
The 100,000’s digits are made up of magnetic “flip dots.”
The million’s digits are shown on a very common 7-segment LED display.
The ten-million’s are shown as jpeg images on a microprocessor driven LED screen.

Your Turn Counts records each person’s contribution to its own history.

As of April, 2014 Your Turn Counts had recorded more than 7 million turns.

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